Michaël Sarrazin

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Pyramidal metamaterials are currently developed for ultra-broadband absorbers. They consist of periodic arrays of alternating metal/dielectric layers forming truncated square-based pyramids. The metallic layers of increasing lengths play the role of vertically and, to a less extent, laterally coupled plasmonic resonators. Based on detailed numerical(More)
Two experimental test programs are conducted to collect data and simulate the dynamic behavior of CuAlBe shape memory alloy (SMA) wires. First, in order to evaluate the effect of temperature changes on superelastic SMA wires, a large number of cyclic, sinusoidal, tensile tests are performed at 1 Hz. These tests are conducted in a controlled environment at(More)
We present a theorical investigation of the optical transmission of a dielectric grating carved in a tungsten layer. For appropriate wavelengths tungsten indeed shows a dielectric behavior. Our numerical simulation leads to theoretical results similar to those found with metallic systems studied in earlier work. The interpretation of our results rests on(More)
The wings of the giant wasp Megascolia procer javanensis are opaque and iridescent. The origin of the blue-green iridescence is studied in detail, using reflection spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and physical modeling. It is shown that the structure responsible for the iridescence is a single homogeneous transparent chitin layer covering the(More)
Because of the temporal incoherence of sunlight, solar cells efficiency should depend on the degree of coherence of the incident light. However, numerical computation methods, which are used to optimize these devices, fundamentally consider fully coherent light. Hereafter, we show that the incoherent efficiency of solar cells can be easily analytically(More)
For several years, periodical arrays of subwavelength cylindrical holes in thin metallic layers have taken a crucial importance in the context of the results reported by Ebbesen et al, on particularly attractive optical transmission experiments. It had been underlined that the zeroth order transmission pattern does not depend on the polarization of the(More)
In this paper the design, fabrication and characterization of a bioinspired overlayer deposited on a GaN LED is described. The purpose of this overlayer is to improve light extraction into air from the diode's high refractive-index active material. The layer design is inspired by the microstructure found in the firefly Photuris sp. The actual dimensions and(More)
The optical properties of the inflorescence of the high-altitude Leontopodium nivale subsp. alpinum (edelweiss) is investigated, in relation with its submicrometer structure, as determined by scanning electron microscopy. The filaments forming the hair layer have been found to exhibit an internal structure which may be one of the few examples of a photonic(More)
It is shown that a two-brane world made of two domain walls can be seen as a noncommutative two-sheeted spacetime under certain assumptions. This equivalence implies a model-independent phenomenology: Matter swapping between the two 3-branes (or sheets) is predicted through fermionic oscillations induced by magnetic vector potentials. This phenomenon, which(More)
Nonlinear second harmonic optical activity of graphene covering a gold photon sieve was determined for different polarizations. The photon sieve consists of a subwavelength gold nanohole array placed on glass. It combines the benefits of efficient light trapping and surface plasmon propagation to unravel different elements of graphene second-order(More)