Michaël Raymond

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Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract An optimal estimation method for simultaneously determining both basal slipperiness and basal topography from variations in surface flow velocity and topography(More)
Ecotypic differentiation is well described in the mosquito Culex pipiens, separating populations breeding in subterranean and human-made sites (hypogeous habitat) from those in open-air sites (epigeous habitat). The pattern of population differentiation observed at the Aat-1 locus has been suspected to be associated with such ecotypic differentiation via(More)
A synthesis of neomarchantin A has been achieved wherein key bond constructions involving C-O or C-C bond formations were augmented via continuous flow techniques. Of note, the synthesis of neomarchantin A represents the first demonstration of catalytic macrocyclic olefin metathesis as a key step for the synthesis of a macrocyclic bisbibenzyl natural(More)
The microstrip tracker for the CMS experiment at the LHC will be read out using radiation hard APV chips. During high luminosity running of the LHC the tracker will be exposed to particle fluxes up to 10 cm s. This high rate of particles introduces a concern that the APV could occasionally suffer from Single Event Upset (SEU). In order to evaluate the(More)
A phase separation/continuous flow strategy employing an oxidative Glaser-Hay coupling of alkynes has been applied toward the synthesis of the macrocyclic core of complex pharmaceutical vaniprevir. The phase separation/continuous flow strategy afforded similar yields at 100-500 times the concentration and at shorter reaction times than common slow(More)
Performance tests of some aspects of the CMS ECAL were carried out on modules of the “barrel” sub-system in 2002 and 2003. A brief test with high energy electron beams was made in late 2003 to validate prototypes of the new Very Front End electronics. The final versions of the monitoring and cooling systems, and of the high and low voltage regulation were(More)
The high radiation environment at the LHC will require the use of radiation hardened microelectronics for the readout of inner detectors. Two such technologies are a Harris bulk CMOS process and the DMILL mixed technology process. Transistors have been fabricated in both of these and have been tested before and after irradiation to 10 Mrads, the total dose(More)
A prototype X-ray detector for energy-dispersive EXAFS has been developed and tested to demonstrate the principle of using silicon microstrip detector technology for this application. Testing took place at the UK Synchrotron Radiation Source, where the absorption spectra of a 5 microm Ni foil and a 25 mM NiCl(2) solution were obtained.
Macrocyclic olefin metathesis has seen advances in the areas of stereochemistry, chemoselectivity, and catalyst stability, but strategies aimed at controlling dilution effects in macrocyclizations are rare. Herein, a protocol to promote macrocyclic olefin metathesis, one of the most common synthetic tools used to prepare macrocycles, at relatively high(More)