Michaël Petit

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Nowadays, the UML language is one of the most widely accepted software modelling language. Enterprise modelling is concerned with the externalisation of knowledge about the enterprise, for a different set of purposes. One possible, future and challenging objective of enterprise modelling is to provide a base for developing, composing and selecting(More)
The need to extract and manage domain-specific taxonomies has become increasingly relevant in recent years. A taxonomy is a form of business intelligence used to integrate information, reduce semantic heterogeneity, describe emergent communities and interest groups, and facilitate communication between information systems. We present a semiautomated(More)
Requirements Engineering is now widely recognised as a key issue in the design and implementation of information systems. Recent research trends plead for the use of formal (i.e. mathematical/logical) languages at this stage of analysis in order to cope with the classical difficulties arisen from the interactions with customers. In this paper, we introduce(More)
This paper describes a methodology to semiautomatically acquire a taxonomy of terms and term definitions in a specific research domain. The taxonomy is then used for semantic search and indexing of a knowledge base of scientific competences, called Knowledge Map. The KMap is a system to support research collaborations and sharing of results within and(More)
Interoperability of Enterprise Applications is a serious and multi-facetted problem. One of the tasks of the recently-started INTEROP Network of Excellence is to address this problem at the modelling level through the elaboration of a Unified Enterprise Modelling Language (UEML). In this paper, some methodological hints and an embryonic mission statement(More)
In goal-oriented requirements engineering (GORE), one usually proceeds from a goal analysis to a requirements specification, usually of IT systems. In contrast, we consider the use of GORE for the design of IT-enabled value constellations, which are collections of enterprises that jointly satisfy a consumer need using information technology. Designing the(More)