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Linear array scanners are used as a substitute of two-dimensional/frame digital cameras since they can produce high-resolution digital images comparable to scanned aerial photographs. On the other hand, digital frame cameras have inadequate size that is dictated by technical considerations/limitations. In general, rigorous sensor modelling involves the(More)
Image resampling according to epipolar geometry is a prerequisite for a variety of photogrammetric tasks such as image matching, DEM and ortho-photo generation, aerial triangulation, map compilation, and stereoscopic viewing. The resampling process of imagery captured by frame camera has been established and implemented in current Digital Photogrammetric(More)
DEM generation from stereoscopic imagery is contingent on establishing the mathematical model relating the scene coordinates of conjugate points to the ground coordinates of the corresponding object point. Either rigorous or approximate models can be used to establish such a relationship. Rigorous modelling necessitates a full understanding of the imaging(More)
feedback device, switch-mode or linear servo amplifier, and motion controller. The integration of multiple discrete components adversely affects system reliability and renders minimization and packaging difficult particularly when multiple actuators are required. In response to this demand, a novel, low-inertia voice coil actuator has been developed whereby(More)
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