Michaël Maizières

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The combined use of Mag-indo-1 probe and laser confocal UV-microspectrofluorometry allowed us to investigate the spatial and temporal dynamic changes of the Mg2+ variations in human tracheal gland (HTG) cells at the single cell level. Stimulation of HTG cells with either bradykinin, ouabain or extracellular high Mg2+ concentrations (up to 10 mM) induced(More)
This study documents a difference between cystic fibrosis human (CF-HTG) and normal human (HTG) tracheal gland cells: the ability of histamine to induce an increase of intracellular free calcium concentration [Ca2+]i was abnormally reduced in CF-HTG cells. The magnitude of the [Ca2+]i peak rise in response to histamine is smaller in CF-HTG cells than in HTG(More)
The molecular and ionic mechanisms responsible for the regulation of mucus exocytosis in human airway gland cells remain poorly defined. To determine whether dynamic changes of intracellular free Ca2+ concentration [Ca2+]i can promote different exocytotic responses, we monitored dynamic changes in [Ca2+]i and secretory granule (SG) exocytosis in individual(More)
N-terminally truncated recombinant 68-kDa human topoisomerase (topo) I exhibits the same DNA-driving activities as the wild-type protein. In the present study, Raman and circular dichroism techniques were employed for detailed structural characterization of the 68-kDa human topo I and its transformations induced by the suicide sequence-specific(More)
BACKGROUND ELISA-BP180 values and direct immunofluorescence (DIF) are prognostic factors for relapse after treatment cessation in bullous pemphigoid (BP). OBJECTIVE To determine the relevance of ELISA-BP230 antibodies for predicting relapse 6 months after treatment cessation. METHODS We retrospectively selected patients with BP and available data from(More)
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