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Escherichia coli possesses iron transporters specific for either Fe2+ or Fe3+. Although Fe2+ is far more soluble than Fe3+, it rapidly oxidizes aerobically at pH > or = 7. Thus, FeoAB, the major Fe2+(More)
YcdB is a periplasmic haem-containing protein from Escherichia coli that has a potential role in iron transport. It is currently the only reported haem-containing Tat-secreted substrate. Here, the(More)
NapC is a tetra-haem member of a family of bacterial membrane-anchored multi-haem c -type cytochromes implicated in electron transfer between membrane quinols and periplasmic enzymes. The(More)
Binary polymer brush patterns were fabricated via photodeprotection of an aminosilane with a photo-cleavable nitrophenyl protecting group. UV exposure of the silane film through a mask yields(More)