Michaël Dumon

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Laser emits a light characterised by being monochromatic, phased and collimated. Since the beginning of the '80s the fibers ND-YAG laser, whose energy may be transmitted by quartz fibres, is the type principally used for therapeutic bronchoscopy. It may be used to coagulate or to vaporize endoluminal lesions. The effect looked for depends on the level of(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of domiciliary nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) on lung function and quality of life in hypercapnic patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Fourteen hypercapnic COPD patients in a stable clinical condition were evaluated in a prospective study of domiciliary NIPPV(More)
Silicone endoprostheses are used to replace loss of support in tracheobronchial cartilage. The main silicone stents are similar to those of the Montgomery T tube, the Westaby, Dumon and Cooper-Hood prostheses. The major indications are malignant tumours and benign stenosis after anastomotic resection or graft. All have in common a degree of narrowing(More)
We report a case of acute respiratory insufficiency with acute cor pulmonale and a fatal outcome. Right cardiac catheterisation enabled a diagnosis of precapillary pulmonary arterial hypertension to be made with a mean pulmonary arterial pressure of 61 mmHg and a pulmonary capillary pressure of 12 mHg. An autopsy was carried out and this revealed a(More)