Michaël Delqué

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We numerically and experimentally show the existence of multicolor vector spatial solitons in a Kerr planar waveguide through the combined effects of cross-phase modulation, four-wave mixing, and stimulated Raman scattering. Mutual spatial guiding of the Raman-Stokes, anti-Stokes, and pump waves is achieved in the high-conversion regime mainly by(More)
In this paper we investigate the effect of microstructure irregularities and applied strain on backward Brillouin scattering by comparing two photonic crystal fibers drawn with different parameters in order to minimize diameter and microstructure fluctuations. We fully characterize their Brillouin properties including the gain spectrum and the critical(More)
We present experimental and numerical results demonstrating the simultaneous frequency-selective excitation of several guided acoustic Brillouin modes in a photonic crystal fiber with a multi-scale structure design. These guided acoustic modes are identified by using a full vector finite-element model to result from elastic radial vibrations confined by the(More)
We report the experimental observation of the elliptically polarized fundamental vector soliton of isotropic Kerr media and its unique polarization evolution. This was achieved in the spatial domain in a nonbirefringent CS2 planar waveguide.
Experimental observation and numerical results concerning collisions between scalar and vector spatial solitons in a Kerr planar waveguide are presented. It is shown that this configuration allows for the full control of spatial and polarization dynamics of the interacting vector solitons. On the one hand, the ability to achieve polarization control of a(More)
We characterize fully the polarization dynamics of the fundamental vector soliton of isotropic Kerr materials by measuring the Stokes parameters of an elliptically polarized self-trapped optical beam propagating in a slab planar waveguide. Our experiment clearly shows that this two-component spatial vector soliton exhibits both the so-called ellipse(More)
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