Michéle Preyde

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BACKGROUND The effectiveness of massage therapy for low-back pain has not been documented. This randomized controlled trial compared comprehensive massage therapy (soft-tissue manipulation, remedial exercise and posture education), 2 components of massage therapy and placebo in the treatment of subacute (between 1 week and 8 months) low-back pain. METHODS(More)
The current health care system is discharging elderly patients "quicker" and "sicker" from acute care facilities. Consequently, hospital readmission is common; however, readmission may be only one aspect of adverse outcomes of importance to social work discharge planners. The early recognition of risk factors might ensure a successful transition from the(More)
OBJECTIVE Very preterm birth (< 30 weeks' gestation) is a stressful event for parents, and few support interventions for these parents have been evaluated. In this study, we evaluated the effectiveness of parent-to-parent peer support for mothers of very preterm infants in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). METHODS In this cohort study, 32 mothers(More)
In the present healthcare environment, budget cuts, staff shortages, and resource limitations are grave concerns. The elderly in particular consume a considerable proportion of hospital resources. Thus, the discharge planner's role, particularly with respect to elderly patients, is extremely important. In this systematic review recent (within the last 10(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a dearth of Canadian research with clinical samples of youth who self-harm, and no studies could be located on self-harm in children and youth accessing residential or intensive home-based treatment. The purposes of this report were to explore the proportion and characteristics of children and youth identified as self-harming at admission(More)
This study was part of a larger study in which an individual, peer-support intervention for mothers of very preterm infants was evaluated. In the present study, ratings by mothers who received the culturally sensitive intervention were compared with ratings from a control group on their experience of the preterm birth, and the quality of their social(More)
Intervention fidelity refers to strategies that practitioners and researchers use to monitor, enhance, or evaluate the accuracy and consistency of the delivery of an intervention to ensure that it is implemented according to how it was planned. The purpose of the authors in this article was to evaluate intervention fidelity in the psychosocial oncology(More)
OBJECTIVE A process improvement program (PIP) was implemented in the emergency department (ED) at Guelph General Hospital in July 2009. The purpose of this study was to examine patients' satisfaction and wait times by level of Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale (CTAS) score before and 6 months after implementation of this program. METHODS Two samples were(More)
Cancer affects a significant number of people and their families. In addition to physical symptoms, people with cancer experience considerable levels of psychosocial distress. Psychosocial oncology has been developed to address this distress. In this meta-analysis, psychosocial interventions for adults with cancer were systematically reviewed. A central(More)
The effectiveness of massage therapy for the orthopaedic patient has not been documented; thus, a review of the published literature was warranted. A considerable proportion of the population experience orthopaedic problems, and many use massage therapy. A review and analysis of the literature between January 1973 and June 2003 yielded tentative results. It(More)