Michéle Lees

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A study is reported of the perception of visual surfaces in wire-frame stimuli generated by combinations of monocular surface contours and binocular disparity that provide differing information about 3-D relief. Observers vary considerably in the relative contribution made by the binocular and monocular cues to the perception of overall 3-D form. Without(More)
To discriminate orange juice from grapefruit juice in a context of fraud prevention, (1)H NMR data were submitted to different treatments to extract informative variables which were then analysed using multivariate techniques. Averaging contiguous data points of the spectrum followed by logarithmic transformation improved the results of the data analysis.(More)
The stable isotope ratios (delta13C, delta15N, and delta34S of casein and delta13C and delta18O of glycerol) measured by IRMS of French, Italian, and Spanish cheeses are presented and discussed. Variability factors such as animal-feeding regimen, geographical origin, and climatic and seasonal conditions were studied to check the possibilities of cheese(More)
The development of a new drug substance is an expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, the developers want to maximize the profit from the drug by patenting the concerned molecule as well as its synthesis pathway. In a later stage a faster or cheaper manufacturing process can be developed and patented. The aim of this study is to recognize(More)
Because of the increasing problem of drug counterfeiting and the potential danger related as well as the economic losses involved, the pharmaceutical industry and the regulatory instances are interested in the development of anti-counterfeiting and patent protection methodologies. In this paper, the evaluation of measured isotopic ratios by means of(More)
This study describes the chemometric treatment of vanillin fingerprint chromatograms to distinguish vanillin from different sources. Prior to principal component analysis, which is used to discriminate vanillin from different origins, the fingerprints are aligned. Three alignment algorithms are tested, correlation optimized warping (COW), target peak(More)
This study investigates the use of high resolution 1H NMR as a suitable alternative to the standard chromatographic method for the determination of adulteration of orange juice (Citrus sinensis) with grapefruit juice (Citrus paradisi) based on flavonoid glycoside content. Fifty-nine orange juices (OJ), 23 grapefruit juices (GJ) and 10 blends (OG), obtained(More)
The Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program funds GPs to provide preventative health assessments through a specific set of Medicare item numbers. The study aimed to show whether patients completing these health assessments had better recorded screening rates than those receiving usual care. A retrospective clinical record audit was undertaken in north(More)
A new method has been developed for measuring the D/H ratio of the nonexchangeable sites of citric acid by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). Pure citric acid is transformed into its calcium salt and subsequently analyzed by pyrolysis-IRMS. The citric acid isolated from authentic fruit juices (citrus, pineapple, and red fruits) systematically shows(More)
Variability within the stable isotope ratios in various lipidic fractions and the fatty acid composition of muscle oil has been analyzed for a large sample (171 fish) of wild and farmed Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar) from 32 origins within Europe, North America, and Tasmania. Sampling was extended over all seasons in 2 consecutive years and included fish(More)