Michèle Watson

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OBJECTIVES Normal short stature (NSS), defined as height below the 5th percentile for age and sex norms that is not due to illness, hormonal deficiency, or part of a dysmorphic syndrome, has been thought to have a deleterious effect on psychosocial functioning based on observations of referred populations. Recent studies of nonreferred children with NSS,(More)
Although the prevalence of AIDS among middle and older adults is increasing, little is known about them. The objective of this study was to obtain basic demographic and social information about people with HIV/AIDS (PWAs) over the age of 44 years. This was a descriptive, cross-sectional survey of convenience samples of 76 African-American (AA) and 80 White(More)
A group of 10 dyslexic boys and 10 control boys matched for age and nonverbal IQ were asked to draw a person and to write about their favourite television program. The two groups did not differ on mean raw scores or time taken on the drawing but differed in number of spelling errors and writing time. The ratios of spelling/number of words written and(More)
Little has been written about evaluation and intervention services for children with a combination of behavioral and developmental needs. Two multidisciplinary clinic populations were compared, a traditional Developmental Disabilities (DD) clinic and a Behavioral-Developmental Problems (BDP) Clinic that had the additional services of a child psychiatrist.(More)
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