Michèle N'guyen

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This preliminary study was conducted to identify a facet joint syndrome in low back pain. Ninety maneuvers and symptoms were compared between patients relieved (responders) and those unrelieved (nonresponders) after intraarticular blocks. Fifty-one patients participated in the study; 11 were excluded from evaluation because of unsuccessful injection into(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate the clinical utility of procalcitonin (PCT) and C-reactive protein (CRP) as diagnostic of paraneoplastic fever. METHOD A prospective analysis of serum levels of PCT and CRP has been conducted on 68 consecutive febrile patients with solid tumour and no neutropenia. The samples were collected at hospital admission. RESULTS Out of 68(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the distribution of Lp(a) plasma levels in patients with IDDM and NIDDM, and in nondiabetic and IDDM patients with chronic renal failure. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Cross-sectional study of Lp(a) plasma levels in a population of diabetic patients with stable metabolic control, with simultaneous determination of plasma lipids, fasting(More)
Recent data issuing the prognostic impact of hypercalcemia on outcome of aerodigestive tract cancers are spare. To assess the prognosis and the survival of head and neck cancer patients with hypercalcemia, we reviewed 136 recent successive cases, including also oesophageal and lung cancers. Data were collected from a retrospective database (July(More)
INTRODUCTION This work has been carried out to investigate in an animal model, the possibility of surgical selective reinnervation of the larynx following destruction of the laryngeal branch of the vagus nerve. MATERIAL AND METHODS In ten dogs, on the right side of the neck only, the recurrent laryngeal nerve was identified, cut and section of the nerve(More)
Among high density lipoprotein particles, LpAI particles which contain apolipoprotein A1 alone, appear to be involved in cholesterol transport from peripheral tissues to the liver. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to examine serum LpAI particle concentrations in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients with renal lesions of differing grades, in(More)
Ifosfamide is one of the most efficient antimitotic in soft tissue sarcoma. To try to find a possible dose-effect, 10 patients with advanced pretraited relapsed soft tissue sarcoma received 15 g/m2/cycle ifosfamide in continuous infusion during 5 days. A pharmacokinetic study was done for 2 patients. All patients received growth factors, ondansetron and 8(More)
It would appear that pre-operative radiotherapy early in the treatment of oesophageal cancer has avoided in many cases (especially those in an advanced stage), the appearance of local recurrences, which cause death very rapidly during the first year in those patients having surgical treatment only. This treatment, however, which is only localized to the(More)
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