Michèle Lalonde

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Cotton workers are recognized as being at risk of developing occupational lung diseases. Some researchers have identified endotoxins as being a potential etiologic agent for some of the respiratory problems. This study wants to document the concentration of endotoxins found in the ambient air of textile mills where cotton fibers are handled and to identify(More)
Workers in hairdressing salons are exposed to several hundred chemicals, of which a few are possibly detrimental to pregnant workers or their fetuses. In Quebec, a government program provides protective reassignment for exposed pregnant workers. This study was set up to assist public health physicians by describing the exposure levels for ingredients that(More)
PURPOSE To determine the effects of temporary tachytherapy inhibition magnet on MOSFET dose measurements of cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIED) in radiation therapy patients. METHODS Infield and peripheral MOSFET dose measurements with 6MV photon beams were performed to evaluate dose to a CIED in the presence of a doughnut shaped(More)
The actinorhizal genusAlnus contains numerous taxa that have been morphologically classified into different subgenera, species and subspecies. The genetic divergence has been evaluated within subg.Alnobetula between the parapatric taxaAlnus sinuata andA. crispa, using diversity of allozyme markers at 15 structural loci among 20 populations. Evidence for(More)
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