Michèle Koenigsberger

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Many experimental studies have shown that arterial smooth muscle cells respond with cytosolic calcium rises to vasoconstrictor stimulation. A low vasoconstrictor concentration gives rise to asynchronous spikes in the calcium concentration in a few cells (asynchronous flashing). With a greater vasoconstrictor concentration, the number of smooth muscle cells(More)
Asynchronous and synchronous calcium oscillations occur in a variety of cells. A well-established pathway for intercellular communication is provided by gap junctions which connect adjacent cells and can mediate electrical and chemical coupling. Several experimental studies report that cells presenting only a transient increase when freshly dispersed may(More)
THE ARTERIAL SYSTEM secures an adequate supply of blood to organs. In many vessels, cyclic variations of the arterial diameter, a phenomenon called vasomotion, may contribute to the regulation of blood flow. Vasomotion is generated by synchronous oscillations in the cytosolic calcium concentration of adjacent smooth muscle cells (SMCs). Gap junctions(More)
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