Michèle Boitel

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A new low-cost, thermally compensated, versatile, external cavity fiber grating lasers in a plastic module shows output power above 1 mW and a wavelength stability within 36 pm over 0-50/spl deg/C. Low penalty transmission is achieved over C-band.
Due to their pronounced cytotoxic activity, a number of aryltetralin lignans (ATLs), such as podophyllotoxin (PTOX), are used as antitumor compounds. The production of such molecules from entire plants or plant cell-tissue-organ cultures is thus of interest to the pharmaceutical industry. Hairy root cultures constitute a good tool not only for phytochemical(More)
Several genes of the lysine biosynthetic pathway were cloned separately on the high copy number plasmid pBR322 (Richaud et al. 1981). These hybrid plasmids were used to transform an Escherichia coli strain TOC R 21 that overproduces lysine due to mutations altering the aspartokinase reaction. The synthesis of lysine was studied in these different strains.(More)
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