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Among the different cellular factors that regulated p53 functions, we previously identified (P. Drane et al., Oncogene, 15: 3013-3024, 1997) RB18A, a new gene whose encoded Mr 205,000 protein interacted in vitro, through its COOH-terminal domain, with p53. Therefore, we analyzed the in vivo role of RB18A by measuring its effect on the transactivating(More)
OBJECTIVE Expansion of regulatory T (Treg) cells has been described in chronically HIV-infected individuals. We investigated whether HIV-suppressive Treg could be detected during primary HIV infection (PHI). METHODS Seventeen patients diagnosed early after PHI (median: 13 days; 1-55) were studied. Median CD4 cell count was 480 cells/microl (33-1306) and(More)
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