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We used video microscopy and particle tracking to study the dynamics of confined hard-sphere suspensions. Our fluids consisted of 1.1-microm-diameter silica spheres suspended at volume fractions of 0.33-0.42 in water-dimethyl sulfoxide. Suspensions were confined in a quasiparallel geometry between two glass surfaces: a millimeter-sized rough sphere and a(More)
We studied the dynamics of ballistically injected latex particles (BIP) inside endothelial cells, using video particle tracking to measure the mean squared displacement (MSD) as a function of lag time. The MSD shows a plateau at short times and a linear behavior at longer times, indicating that the BIP are trapped into a viscoelastic network. To reveal more(More)
Colloidal suspensions flowing through microchannels were studied for the effects of both the shear flow and the proximity of walls on the particles' self-diffusion. Use of hydrostatic pressure to pump micron-sized silica spheres dispersed in water-glycerol mixture through poly(dimethylsiloxane) channels with a cross section of 30×24μm(2), allowed variation(More)
We used video microscopy to study the behavior of aggregating suspensions in shear flow. Suspensions consisted of 920 nm diameter silica spheres, dispersed in a methanol/bromoform solvent, to which poly(ethylene glycol) (M = 35.000 g) was added to effect weak particle aggregation. With our solvent mixture, the refractive index of the particles could be(More)
The relative wettability of oil and water on solid surfaces is generally governed by a complex competition of molecular interaction forces acting in such three-phase systems. Herein, we experimentally demonstrate how the adsorption of in nature abundant divalent Ca(2+) cations to solid-liquid interfaces induces a macroscopic wetting transition from finite(More)
We use contact angle goniometry, imaging ellipsometry, and atomic force microscopy to study the stability and wettability of Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) monolayers of stearic acid on silica substrates, upon drying and exposure to aqueous solutions of varying salinity. The influences of Ca(2+) and Na(+) ions are compared by varying their concentrations, both in(More)
Video microscopy and particle tracking were used to measure the spatial dependence of the diffusion coefficient (D(α)) of colloidal particles in a closed cylindrical cavity. Both the height and radius of the cylinder were equal to 9.0 particle diameters. The number of trapped particles was varied between 1 and 16, which produced similar results. In the(More)
Using particle tracking microrheology, we studied the glass transition in dense suspensions of thermosensitive microgel particles. These suspensions can be tuned reversibly between the glass state at low temperature and the liquid state at high temperature. In the glass state, the ensemble averaged mean squared displacements (MSDs) of added fluorescent(More)