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A modification of the technique of Schiller, DiDio, and Anderson was adopted by extending removal of the longitudinal layer of the muscular coat to the entire perimeter of a segment of the small intestine in dogs, resulting in the construction of artificial sphincters, to assist animals undergoing enterectomy. The creation of one or two artificial(More)
The case rate of children observed with rheumatic carditis or rheumatic heart disease during two consecutive periods of nine years are compared. The first was from October 1969 to September 1978, with previously published data, and the present study from October 1978 to September 1987. During the second period there were 38 cases, 26 of which had the first(More)
The health status of an emerging Posidonia oceanica meadow, subject to high human impact, was studied. Biometric variables, heavy metals, PAHs and C, N, P contents were determined in sediment and seagrass samples. The meadow was found to grow under oligotrophic conditions and an increase in nutrient content was only recorded in autumn. In sediment, Hg(More)
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