Micah Edelson

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The authors describe a psychiatric clerkship organized to achieve goals relevant to all medical students, regardless of their future specialty choice. The clerkship had been in place for 8 years in 1986, and standardized program evaluations were available for 4 years. A survey of the diverse clinical settings used for the clerkship showed that each had(More)
This paper is about teaching psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The approach to teaching is based on a view of the patient's plight or psychopathology, and on a way of listening to psychotherapeutic process, that focus on the stories a patient tells and enacts. The author relates how various experiences in his life led him to this narrative paradigm.
Remembering frequently involves collaboration among two or more individuals, often taking the form of a conversation. In some conversations, one person conveys new information to another, as when a daughter announces to her mother that she is engaged. In other conversations, two people talk to each other about a shared past, as when a couple reminisce about(More)
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