Micah Bailey

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We surveyed 28 participants in a program in which the clinical therapist and money manager were different staff members. Patients reported strong therapeutic alliances with both the money manager and treating therapist as assessed by the Working Alliance Inventory. Alliance scores for the two providers were highly correlated (p = .68) and not significantly(More)
Mental health outreach to homeless persons requires practice standards for cases in which clinical assessment and client autonomy conflict. After reviewing the principles of mental health outreach and presenting case examples, conditions and boundaries within which outreach workers negotiate the clinical responsibility/client autonomy dilemma are discussed.(More)
Mycoplasma pneumoniae is primarily a respiratory pathogen but may affect exhibit a diverse range of presentations from asymptomatic infection to life threatening conditions. Myocarditis of varying severity is an unusual complication. We report a 6 year old with mycoplasma myocarditis, a rare age for such a presentation, and who responded well to treatment(More)
To put it mildly, I agree. Some interpreters (specifically M.F. Burnyeat) take it that, for Aristotle, awareness is primitive and no material or physiological process of a sense organ is necessary for perception. Other interpreters (specifically Hilary Putnam & Martha Nussbaum) take it that, for Aristotle, even though the soul (psuchē) is not reducible to(More)
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