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W e propose a remedy for the discrepancy between the way political scientists analyze data with missing values and the recommendations of the statistics community. Methodologists and statisticians agree that " multiple imputation " is a superior approach to the problem of missing data scattered through one's explanatory and dependent variables than the(More)
An essential aspect of science is a community of scholars cooperating and competing in the pursuit of common goals. A critical component of this community is the common language of and the universal standards for scholarly citation, credit attribution, and the location and retrieval of articles and books. We propose a similar universal standard for citing(More)
The Virtual Data Center software is an open-source, digital library system for quantitative data. The authors discuss what the software does, how it provides an infrastructure for the management and dissemination of distributed collections of quantitative data, and the replication of results derived from these data. R esearchers in social sciences, and in(More)
Social science data are an unusual part of the past, present, and future of digital preservation. They are both an unqualified suc­ cess, due to long-lived and sustainable archival organizations, and in need of further development because not all digital content is being preserved. This article is about the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences(More)
Although the term " empirical research " has become commonplace in legal scholarship over the past two decades, law professors have in fact been conducting research that is empirical—that is, learning about the world using quantitative data or qualitative information—for almost as long as they have been conducting research. For just as long, however, they(More)
In this paper, we present an overview of the Virtual Data Center (VDC) software, an open-source digital library system for the management and dissemination of distributed collections of quantitative data. (see <http://TheData.org>). The VDC functionality provides everything necessary to maintain and disseminate an individual collection of research studies,(More)
The increasing volume and complexity of research, scholarly publication and research information puts an added strain on traditional methods of scholarly communication and evaluation. Information goods and networks are not standard market goods – and so we should not rely on markets alone to develop new forms of scholarly publishing. The affordances of(More)