Micael R Talcott

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Background: To date, there have been only a few anecdotal reports of laparoscopic hepatectomy, most of which are limited to wedge resections. The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of laparoscopic hepatic lobectomy in a porcine model. Methods: Eight pigs were anesthetized before placement of an abdominal wall lift device and five laparoscopic(More)
A ligature fracture technique was used to obtain multiple large (2 to 4 g) liver biopsy samples in both African green and cynomolgus monkeys. The technique was performed 195 times in 84 animals using three different surgical approaches, with no associated illness or mortality. In a subset of 18 animals, a slight decline in hematocrit percentage was noted(More)
Eight chronically instrumented conscious dogs were used to test the hypothesis that left ventricular (LV) relaxation is accelerated during cardiac tamponade. The time constant of LV transmural pressure fall was measured before and during intrapericardial (IP) saline infusion (baseline) with and without beta-adrenergic blockade (propranolol 1 mg/kg iv).(More)
The study reported here was designed to examine the biomechanical and histopathologic properties of total disc arthroplasty (TDA) using a canine model. Thirty-seven dogs were divided into 3 groups (intact spine, fusion, TDA) and sacrificed either at study commencement or at 3 months. Results showed progressive fusion from 0 to 3 months in the fusion group.(More)
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