Miaoxin Zhang

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An artificial periodic roughness-gradient conical copper wire (PCCW) can be fabricated by inspiration from cactus spines and wet spider silks. PCCW can harvest fog on periodic points of the conical surface from air and transports the drops for a long distance without external force, which is attributed to dynamic as-released energy generated from drop(More)
A kind of bioinspired heterostructured bead-on-string fiber (BHBF), composed of poly-(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) hydrolyzed nanoparticles, was prepared via integrating a wet-assembly system, including PMMA electrospinning, fog of nanoparticles and water coalescence at multi-stages. The wet-assembly of BHBF was regulated(More)
Buried corrugated steel culverts are universally regarded as a structure with strong deformation adaptability and dispersed the upper load by corrugated steel structures surrounding soil constraints to enhance the carrying capacity and the use of soil-structure interaction. A lot of factors influence the earth pressure of the buried corrugated steel(More)
Directional control of droplets on a surface is an important issue for tasks of long-range liquid-transport, self-cleaning and water repellency. However, it is still challenging to control the structure motions in orientations so as to control the shedding-off of droplets. Herein, we report a novel dynamic magnetic responsive wall (DMRW) array on PDMS(More)
Based on an actual corrugated steel plate arch bridge, considering soil-structure interaction, by using the finite element program of ANSYS, a 2-D finite element model was set up to analyze the soil pressure and structural deformation under different load conditions in detail. Since this type of structure relies on the soil-structure interaction to share(More)
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