Miaoqi Zhu

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This work-in-progress paper reports the development of a dictionary of game-descriptive words. Inspired by the lexical approach [1] used by psychologists to study personality traits, it is proposed that the same approach can be used in computer game research. The premise is that if computer games display some common traits, players ought to use natural(More)
This paper proposes a revised lexical approach to understand user experience in game play by analyzing online game reviews. The lexical approach is originally used by psychologists to study personality traits [1]. We argue that game players have used natural languages to describe computer games and their experiences over time, and that the most important(More)
This paper presents a study attempting to investigate player experience by examining nouns and adjectives used in online game reviews. Built on our previous lexical analysis of adjectives in online game reviews, we argue that nouns together with adjectives will likely provide richer information than adjectives alone. We adopted a revised lexical approach(More)
BACKGROUND College can be stressful for many freshmen as they cope with a variety of stressors. Excess stress can negatively affect both psychological and physical health. Thus, there is a need to find innovative and cost-effective strategies to help identify students experiencing high levels of stress to receive appropriate treatment. Social media use has(More)
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