Miaomiao Dong

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This study aims to explore the effects of exercise on postmenopausal osteoporosis and the mechanisms by which exercise affects bone remodeling. Sixty-three Wistar female rats were randomly divided into five groups: (1) control group, (2) sham-operated group, (3) OVX (Ovariectomy) group, (4) DES-OVX (Diethylstilbestrol-OVX) group, and (5) Ex-OVX(More)
In this paper, a joint power and subchannel allocation strategy is investigated for relay-aided multi-cell OFDMA networks. The problem is formulated for maximizing the network throughput with minimal bandwidth cost under the users' minimum rate constraints. The method of Benders' Decomposition is employed to decompose the complicated problem into two(More)
Assessing whether mergers, joint marketing, and other forms of coopetition harm consumers often requires information unavailable to antitrust authorities. Against this background, the paper analyzes the role of price caps. In the case of complements, price caps, like mergers, allow the firms to solve Cournot’s multiple marginalization problem; but unlike(More)
Mobile and wearable devices based activity recognition systems utilize built-in sensors to identify the activities performed by users pervasively. However, most of these systems do not explicitly present the sensing process to users and are prone to uncertainty. The presence of uncertainty makes users feel confused about the behaviors of activity(More)
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