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We numerically and experimentally study a multiwavelength fiber laser (MWFL) employing a nonlinear Brillouin optical loop mirror (NBOLM). Taking into account the impact of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) effect on nonlinear polarization evolution, we present the power transmission equation of Stokes lines from the NBOLM. Thereafter, we combine the(More)
Narrative collage is an interesting image editing art to summarize the main theme or storyline behind an image collection. We present a novel method to generate narrative images with plausible semantic scene structures. To achieve this goal, we introduce a layer graph and a scene graph to represent relative depth order and semantic relationship between(More)
Performance of PPM optical communication with imperfect slot synchronization is analyzed. Gray Coded PPM is provided to overcome the imperfect slot synchronization effects. The result shows that bit error probability of Gray code PPM is lower than that of binary code in the same timing offset.
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