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This paper presents an improved shadow discriminating method by dividing the cast shadow region into sub regions. We analyze the difference caused by distinct illumination condition for each sub shadow region, and then propose a classification method. We divide cast shadow into deep umbra shadow, shallow umbra shadow and penumbra shadow through gray-level(More)
The error linear complexity spectrum of a periodic sequence is defined to be the ordered list of $$k$$ k -error linear complexities of the sequence. In this paper, we present an algorithm which computes the error linear complexity spectrum for binary sequences with period $$p^{n}$$ p n , where $$p$$ p is an odd prime and $$2$$ 2 is a primitive root modulo(More)
This paper presents a cast shadow discriminating method through the edge information of traffic images. In the process, we separate vehicle edges and shadow edges by analyzing their difference on the edge extraction image. In the paper, we will propose a neighbourhood detection algorithm and a line detection algorithm in locating the main curve of shadow(More)
STP Spanning Tree Protocol as an important method to prevent broadcast storms since the 1985 proposed by Radia Perlem, has been widely used. This paper presents anew technology named DVSP-open flow. Compare STP and the STP improved version, this technology can be can be forward data packets dynamic by using Open Flow support switches. This method separates(More)
Landmark curves were widely adopted in neuroimaging research for surface correspondence computation and quantified morphometry analysis. However, most of the landmark based morphometry studies only focused on landmark curve shape difference. Here we propose to compute a set of conformal invariant-based shape indices, which are associated with the landmark(More)
We are so sorry to point out that the results in our paper “On the error linear complexity spectrum of pn-periodic binary sequences” are very similar to the results in [1], which was written in Chinese. But when we wrote this paper we had never read [1] before, even the papers we read didn’t cite [1]. This is totally a coincidence. It is mainly because the(More)
This paper makes an effort on locating sub-shadow regions by the inherent feature of each in order to increase the detection accuracy. We will present a study on dividing the cast shadow region into three distinct sub regions, and then separately locate them through their gray level and color features. For gray level detection, we calculate the distribution(More)
  • Miao Tang
  • Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication…
  • 2014
For binary sequences with period $$p^{n}$$ p n , where $$p$$ p is an odd prime and 2 is a primitive root modulo $$p^{2}$$ p 2 , we present an algorithm which computes the minimum number $$k$$ k so that the $$k$$ k -error linear complexity is not greater than a given constant $$c$$ c . An associated error sequence which gives the $$k$$ k -error linear(More)
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