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The major purpose of this paper is to apply a stochastic single-period inventory management approach to analyze optimal cash management policies with fuzzy cash demand based on fuzzy integral method so that total cost is minimized. We will find that, after defuzzification, the cash-raising amounts and the total costs between the fuzzy case and the crisp(More)
In recent years, the styles and functions of products have become very diverse due to the rapid advancement of new technologies. Before, customers were finding it hard to decide on what they would need although they have more product knowledge and choices. They were often unable to articulate their needs due to lack of specialized product knowledge, leading(More)
⎯This study addresses the problem of complete pre-ordered merchandise supply. We discuss the sale price and the supply period with the demand rate function of merchandise for customers and the ratio function of customers' willingness to wait for taking merchandise, wherein the supply period and the sale price at any point of time during the complete(More)
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