Miao-Shan Yen

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The literature has not reached a consensus on the age when peak bone mass is achieved. This study examines growth patterns of total bone mineral content (TBMC) and total bone mineral density (TBMD), peak bone mass, effect of concurrent anthropometry measures, and physical activity on growth patterns in a sample of 312 white males and 343 females aged 8-30(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether childhood body size, composition and blood pressure are associated with adult cardiac structure by estimating childhood "age of divergence." METHODS 385 female and 312 male participants in the Fels Longitudinal Study had echocardiographic measurements of left ventricular mass, relative wall thickness, and interventricular(More)
Ineffective physician-nurse collaboration has been recognised to adversely impact patient and organisational outcomes, and some studies suggest an underlying factor may be that nurses and physicians have different perceptions of interprofessional collaboration (IPC). The objectives of this study were to evaluate for a difference in the perception of IPC(More)
BACKGROUND This study is a systematic evaluation of a novel tobacco product, electronic cigarettes (ECIGs) using a two-site, four-arm, 6-month, parallel-group randomized controlled trial (RCT) with a follow-up to 9 months. Virginia Commonwealth University is the primary site and Penn State University is the secondary site. This RCT design is important(More)
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