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—Sensor-enabled RFID technology has generated a lot of interest from industries lately. Integrated with miniaturized sensors, RFID tags could provide not only the IDs but also valuable real-time information about the state of the corresponding objects or the surrounding environment, which is beneficial to many practical applications, such as warehouse(More)
—Microeconomics-inspired spectrum auctions can dramatically improve the spectrum utilization for wireless networks to satisfy the ever increasing service demands. However, the back-room dealing (i.e., the frauds of the insincere auctioneer and the bid-rigging between the greedy bidders and the auctioneer) poses significant security challenges, and fails all(More)
Despite a large proportion of smoker in Chinese population, few studies address the prevalence of smoking in schizophrenia in such a homogeneous ethnic group. This study examined gender-specific relationships between smoking and schizophrenia, which have previously received little systematic study. The prevalence of smoking in 510 inpatients with(More)
The essential impediment to apply cognitive radio (eR) technology for spectrum utilization improvement lies in the uncertainty of licensed spectrum supply. In this paper, we investigate the joint routing and link scheduling problem of multi­ hop eR networks under uncertain spectrum supply. We model the vacancy of licensed bands with a series of random(More)
Recently intensive efforts have been made on the transformation of the world's largest physical system, the power grid, into a “smart grid” by incorporating extensive information and communication infrastructures. Key features in such a “smart grid” include high penetration of renewable and distributed energy sources, large-scale(More)
This paper studies the optimization problem of minimizing resource rental cost for running elastic applications in cloud while meeting application service requirements. Such a problem arises when excessive generated data incurs significant monetary cost on transfer and inventory in cloud. The goal of planning is to make resource rental decisions in response(More)
—The essential impediment to apply cognitive radio (CR) technology for efficient spectrum utilization lies in the uncertainty of licensed spectrum supply. In this paper, we propose a novel architecture for spectrum harvesting and sharing, and investigate the joint routing and frequency scheduling problem in multi-hop cognitive radio networks (CRNs) under(More)
—Privacy protection is of critical concern to Location-Based Service (LBS) users in mobile networks. Long-term pseudonyms, although appear to be anonymous, in fact empower third-party service providers to continuously track users' movements. Researchers have proposed the mix zone model to allow pseudonym changes in protected areas. In this paper, we(More)