Miao Jiang

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A large proportion of pharmaceutical crystallizations form rod-like crystals, which can cause problems in operations downstream from the crystallizer. Methods for modification of creating crystals with small aspect ratio include the use of additives and changing the supersaturation trajectory by varying the cooling rate or cycling between positive and(More)
Aligning liquid crystal (LC) molecules into spatially non-uniform orientation patterns is central to the functionalities of many emerging LC devices. Recently, we developed a new projection photopatterning technique by using plasmonic metamasks (PMMs), and demonstrated high-resolution and high-throughput patterning of molecular orientations into arbitrary(More)
The crystal structure, electronic structure and optical properties of SmTaO 4 were identified through an experimental method and first principles calculation. X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and a spectrophotometer were used to characterize the crystal structure, reflectivity and band gap of this material; furthermore, the electronic structure and optical(More)
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