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Voltage source converter (VSC)-based high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) interconnectors can realize accurate and fast control of power transmission among AC networks, and provide emergency power support for AC networks. VSC-HVDC interconnectors bring exclusive fault characteristics to AC networks, thus influencing the performance of traditional(More)
E-commerce is essential for enterprises because it improves their understanding of customer needs and of the products and services available in the market [6,55,69]. Since 2011, an increasing number of traditional manufacturers have engaged in such initiatives. By conducting e-commerce, manufacturers can eliminate distributors and wholesalers; optimize(More)
Head of Line (HOL) blocking is one of the new challenges in the smart antenna system in wireless ad hoc networks. To address the problem, this paper proposes a novel Directional Network Allocation Vector-based Packets Scheduling (DBPS) algorithm. The algorithm gains greater throughput and is more suitable to the dynamic network topology than other methods.(More)
The developing of the Application System always set the Business Process into the entire structure directly, each time the modification of the business process may make the program change largely. This structure adds the complexity to the system and hinders the flexibility of the system. Combining WWF and traditionally information system development theory(More)
Service is critical to sustainable development of enterprises. However, service has just started in Chinese manufacturing enterprises. Many service innovations were failure, or proved to be less successful. At the same time, some, though are minority, do contribute a lot to the development of enterprises. Why? In order to answer this question, a fit(More)