Miao Chang-yun

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Heart sound signal has great value in clinical application, before identifying the components and doing further analysis, removing interference noise is necessary. In order to remove noise from heart sound signal well and be convenient to use, we apply generalized mathematical morphology in handling the signal which contains noise, high-frequency and(More)
An nonlinear adaptive sliding mode speed/position observer was proposed for sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) in this paper. The sliding surface was defined on the errors between the actual and estimated currents. The estimated back-EMF was observed to calculate the position of the rotor. A novel nonlinear control strategy,(More)
BP neural network is used to recognize X-ray steel rope cord conveyer belt image with defect in this paper. Firstly, the model of three layers BP neural network is established, and it is made up of 240 input nodes, 20 hidden layer nodes, and 1 output node. Then, the BP neural network is trained and tested in MATLAB. The results show that X-ray steel rope(More)
As the rate of electronical components in cars permanently grows, the qualitative and quantitative tasks and demands in this field increase heavily. Integrated solutions and interconnectivity impose a demanding challenge to automotive industry including requirements, such as safety, high inherent reliability, and fault-tolerance. The proposed research(More)
Aimed at the heart sound signal acquired by new type FBG heart sound sensor in smart clothing, time frequency algorithm is proposed to analyze the first heart sound (s1) and the second heart sound (s2). Firstly, db4wavelet is used to decompose the signal which is reconstructed according to different signal contained in different layers of component after(More)
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