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When replication forks stall at damaged bases or upon nucleotide depletion, the intra-S phase checkpoint ensures they are stabilized and can restart. In intra-S checkpoint-deficient budding yeast, stalling forks collapse, and ∼10% form pathogenic chicken foot structures, contributing to incomplete replication and cell death (Lopes et al., 2001; Sogo et al.,(More)
Clivorine, a pyrrolizidine alkaloid, is a potent toxic compound extracted from a Chinese medicinal plant Ligularia hodgsonii Hook. We have previously shown that clivorine inhibited human normal liver L-02 cells proliferation and induced p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphorylation. The aim of this study is to further observe the mechanism of(More)
Clivorine, a pyrrolizidine alkaloid extracted from Chinese medicinal plant Ligularia hodgsonii Hook significantly inhibited human normal liver L-02 cells proliferation and decreased L-02 cells viability. The results of western blot showed that clivorine strongly evoked phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) Kinase in L-02 cells, but had no(More)
We demonstrate photodiodes in deposited polycrystalline silicon at 1550 nm wavelength with 0.15 A/W responsivity, 40 nA dark current, and gigahertz time response. Subband absorption is mediated by defects that are naturally present in the polycrystalline material structure. The material exhibits a moderate absorption coefficient of 6 dB/cm, which allows the(More)
Soil salinity and drought are the two most common and frequently co-occurring abiotic stresses constraining crop growth and productivity. Greenhouse pot experiments were conducted to investigate the tolerance potential and mechanisms of Tibetan wild barley genotypes (XZ5, drought-tolerant; XZ16, salinity/aluminum tolerant) during anthesis compared with(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the transdermal permeation enhancement of N-trimethyl chitosan (TMC) with different degrees of quaternization (DQ). TMCs with DQ of 40 and 60% (TMC40 and TMC60) were synthesized and characterized by (1)H NMR. Testosterone (TS) used as an effective drug, four different gels were prepared without enhancer, with 5% TMC40,(More)
A pair of racemic indolizidine enantiomers, (±)-homocrepidine A (1), and a piperidine derivative, homocrepidine B (2), were isolated from Dendrobium crepidatum along with the known alkaloid crepidine (3). The racemic mixture of 1 was separated into a pair of enantiomers, (+)-1 and (-)-1, by HPLC using a chiral chromatographic substrate, which represents the(More)
Cortex Moutan is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine derived from Paeonia suffruticosa ANDREWS. However, root cortices of P. delavayi and P. decomposita also are used under the name of this drug in some regions such as Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces, respectively. In order to make a comparison of their chemical constituents, the compounds of the three(More)
To reveal grain physio-chemical and proteomic differences between two barley genotypes, Zhenong8 and W6nk2 of high- and low-grain-Cd-accumulation, grain profiles of ultrastructure, amino acid and proteins were compared. Results showed that W6nk2 possesses significantly lower protein content, with hordein depicting the greatest genotypic difference, compared(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the species of Ligularia distributed in the northwestern China and their medicinal uses in the local area. METHOD Field investigation, specimen collection, taxonomic study and datum check were adopted. RESULT There are 29 species and 1 varieties of Ligularia distributed in the northwestern China, and 18 species of them had been(More)