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Poly(acrylic acid) (PAA), as a highly ionic conductive hydrogel, can reversibly swell/deswell according to the surrounding pH conditions. An optical maskless -stereolithography technology is presented to rapidly 3D pattern PAA for device fabrication. A highly sensitive miniature pH sensor is demonstrated by in situ printing of periodic PAA micropads on a(More)
Fall is one of great threats affecting people with old age. Aimed at the falling issue of aged, the paper explored a pre-impact fall early warning and protection system. This system consists of an early fall alarm, protection airbags, a remote monitoring platform and a guardian's cellphone app. The early fall alarm and airbags are integrated in a belt,(More)
An optofluidic tunable mode-locked fiber laser using a microfluidic chip integrated with long-period grating (LPG) is presented. The microfluidic chip enables ultrafine adjustment of the liquid's refractive index and, thus, LPG's spectrum via tuning the mixing ratio of the microfluidic flows. With such an optofluidic spectrum-tunable filter, the central(More)
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