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Purpose – The purpose of this study is to identify and examine various factors that influence the success or failure of knowledge management (KM) initiatives in project-based companies. Design/methodology/approach – Following a literature review, the study proposes a conceptual model of six factors of potential importance to the success of KM initiatives.(More)
No part of this journal may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means without written permission from the publisher, except for noncommercial, educational use including classroom teaching purposes. Product or company names used in this journal are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate(More)
A case of laryngotracheal trauma (LTT) was brought to hospital in emergency. After securing airway, neck was explored and total laryngotracheal separation together with crushed anterior and posterior tracheal walls was found. Cricotracheal anastomosis and anterior tracheal wall was repaired with perichondrium lined rib graft. Recovery was good, required(More)
A case of unilateral choanal atresia (CA) presented in adulthood with unilateral nasal discharge and obstruction, and coloboma of right lower eyelid. Diagnosis of choanal atresia was made with 0 degree telescope and CT scan. It was treated surgically by transpalatal (TP) approach. Stent was kept for 6 weeks. Few adhesions developed, which were broken. There(More)
A random study of 300 cases suffering from tetanus was conducted at the Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar. Three groups each of hundred patients were formed depending on the dose of A.T.S. administered. No particular difference was noted in the mortality of groups receiving 100,000 units and 20,000 units. A dose of 20,000 units is thus sufficient for most of(More)