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2Song Zhang
1Hansheng Wang Is Professor
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In this paper, we study a class of semiparametric mixtures of regression models, in which the regression functions are linear functions of the predictors, but the mixing proportions are smoothing functions of a covariate. We propose a one-step backfit-ting estimation procedure to achieve the optimal convergence rates for both regression parameters and the(More)
When the functional data is not homogeneous, e.g., there exist multiple classes of functional curves in the dataset, traditional estimation methods may fail. In this paper, we propose a new estimation procedure for the Mixture of Gaussian Processes, to incorporate both functional and inhomogeneous properties of the data. Our method can be viewed as a(More)
Morchella conica is a species of rare edible mushroom whose multiple medicinal functions have been proven. However, reports barely mention the mechanisms of these functions. In this study, the effects of two polysaccharides from M. conica (PMCs) on nitric oxide (NO) production in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated macrophages were investigated. The results(More)
The study was conducted to evaluate effect of Coriolus versicolor mycelia on degrading starch and improving nutrition value in corn grits through solid state fermentation technique. The results showed that using soybean meal as a nitrogen source, α-amylase secreted from C. versicolor expressed 407.25U/g of activity, leading to 45.15% of starch degraded. The(More)
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