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The creation of three consecutive chiral carbon centers in one step is achieved using Cu-catalyzed asymmetric silylative cyclization of cyclohexadienone-tethered allenes. Through regioselective β-silylation of the allene and subsequent enantioselective 1,4-addition to cyclohexadienone, this tandem reaction could afford cis-hydrobenzofuran, cis-hydroindole,(More)
Although the advances on carbon halide reductive elimination have been made, the alkyl bromide and chloride analogues remain a challenge. Here, a palladium(0)-catalyzed iminohalogenation of γ,δ-unsaturated oxime esters is described, and the use of electron-poor phosphine ligands proved to be crucial to promoting alkyl bromide and chloride reductive(More)
Recently, the inertial parameter regrouping method was presented to reduce the computational burden of the robot inverse dynamics algorithm. This paper describes how to apply the method to two widely used forward dynamics algorithms (i.e. Featherstone's articulated-body inertias algorithm and Walker & Orin's composite body algorithm) to increase their(More)
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