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Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal, coronavirus (CoV)-induced systemic disease in cats, characterized by granulomas in organs and granulomatous vasculitis. This study describes the morphologic features of granulomatous vasculitis in FIP as well as its development in the course of monocyte-associated feline CoV (FCoV) viremia in five naturally(More)
A 4-month-old male British Blue cat with catarrhal to haemorrhagic enteritis showed massive colonization of the stomach, small intestine and caecum with spiral-shaped bacilli. In the stomach, organisms were located in foveolae and gland lumina and within unaltered and degenerate epithelial cells. Inflammatory infiltration was moderate and T cell dominated.(More)
We aimed to investigate the potential relationship between alarmins [acting via Toll-like receptor-4 (TLR4)], uric acid (UA), and high-mobility group box-1 protein (HMGB1) during acute kidney injury. UA, which is significantly increased in the circulation following renal ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI), was used both in vitro and in vivo as an early(More)
Borna disease (BD) is a fatal disorder of horses, often characterized by blindness. Although degeneration of retinal neurons has been demonstrated in a rat model, there are controversial data concerning whether a similar degeneration occurs in the retina of infected horses. To investigate whether BD may cause degeneration of photoreceptors and possibly of(More)
Sepsis and its complications are associated with poor clinical outcomes. The circulatory system is a well-known target of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Recently, several clinical studies documented mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) during endotoxemia, with the probability of patients' survival correlating with the rise in circulating EPCs.(More)
Bei Diabetikern kann es als Folge der kardiovaskulären autonomen Neuropathie (CAN) im Verlauf einer Narkose zu ausgeprägten Blutdruckabfällen kommen. Eine einfache Methode zur Erkennung der CAN ist die in Ruhe gemessene Herzfrequenzvariabilität (HRV). Es sollte überprüft werden, ob zwischen der präoperativ gemessenen HRV und der Blutdruckstabilität während(More)
Individual liver function tests were compared in heterologously perfused liver, immediately after orthotopic transplantation and in the normal whole animal (pig). The biliary transport maximum for bromosulphalein in mg/min is reduced to 20-50% of the mean values of normal animals in perfusion and after transplantation. The capacity to eliminate galactose in(More)
With the Serafol bedside card the ABO identity can be checked before transfusion in a very quick and simple way. The new bedside card is made from polyester film with a special surface coating indifferent to sera, which absorbs the anti sera to well when it begins to dry, that it contains no intermediatory labile additives. The antisera are applied in four(More)
Hypophysenadenome mit Mehrproduktion an Insulin-antagonisierenden Hormonen (z. B. Wachstumshormon, ACTH) führen zum klinischen Bild einer Akromegalie oder eines M. Cushing und gehen oft mit Insulinresistenz bis hin zum Diabetes mellitus einher. Die Gesamtprävalenz der Glukosestoffwechselstörungen bei Akromegalie liegt bei 54% der Patienten (gestörte(More)
Degenerative soft tissue lesions could be proved witherto only histologically--supposed biopsy was carried out early and sufficiently. This is rarely done. Morphologic changes can be demonstrated by sonographic and MRI investigation at any time, in any region other than the lesion and especially on the contralateral side for comparison. The visualisation of(More)