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Drawing from our work with children seen following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, this article describes clinical aspects of avoidance in traumatized children and their families. Avoidance in traumatized children and their families seems a final common pathway arising from a number of diverse factors.(More)
Spore strip storage recommendations vary among manufacturers. The manufacturers’ recommended storage conditions range from freezing (-15C), to ambient (22C), to refrigeration (5C). This study investigated the various storage conditions and their effect upon EtO D-value resistance. Using commercially prepared Bacillus subtilis spore strips (ATCC #9372)(More)
Methods Participating pharmacists and pharmacy technicians screened consecutive individuals picking up prescription medications about their (1) NHP use, (2) prescription medication use, (3) concurrent NHP/prescription medication use in the previous one month, and (4) the occurrence of potential AEs. If a potential AE was identified and the patient provided(More)
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