Mia Paget

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We discuss our technosocial analytics research and development on predicting and assessing the impact of climate change on U.S. power-grids and the wider implications for national security. The ongoing efforts extend cutting-edge modeling theories derived from climate, energy, social sciences, and national security domains to form a unified system coupled(More)
  • M A Paget
  • 1982
While responding to a question on medical errors in an in-depth interview, a physician told a story about a medical error. The story revealed his silent involvement in the evolution of the error. His response is presented as a 'text' requiring interpretation. Fine details of his manner of speaking are displayed in order to disclose what he said and what it(More)
The Fukui Declaration from the Ninth Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Ministers Meeting (EMM-9), June 2010, states that " smart grid technologies, including advanced battery technologies for highly-efficient and cost-effective energy storage, can help to integrate intermittent renewable power sources and building control systems that let(More)
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