Mia Maria Mäkinen

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The aim of this article is to consider the suitability of online pharmacies into European internal market area. This required considering the models of present online pharmacies in respect to the existing legislation. Data on online pharmacy settings was collected by looking some online pharmacies, which were found by using Goggle search machine with term(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated whether the adoption of electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) had increased in the 27 member countries of the European Union (EU) in the beginning of this decade. Our previous study in 2002 concerning the old union with 15 countries had discovered that e-prescriptions were rare in daily practice and that there was only(More)
A study involving the presentation of 192 Belgian or Finnish prescriptions in pharmacies in five other member states was undertaken to assess whether, as envisaged by European Union law, prescriptions issued in one member state are dispensed by pharmacists in another and to identify factors that influence such decisions. Overall, pharmacists were willing to(More)
This study investigated the possibilities and obstacles for cross-border electronic prescriptions within the European internal market. Cross-border electronic prescribing requires interoperability of the systems and use of standardized solutions. We conducted a survey-based case study. A questionnaire on the use of electronic prescriptions was sent by(More)
BACKGROUND The European Union (EU) has harmonized legislation on pharmaceutical products to implement the single market in this field. European consumers are offered with high quality and safe products that have been brought onto the market through harmonized procedures. The aim of the study was to find out if there still were legislative restrictions to(More)
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