Mia Lund Madsen

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OBJECTIVE To examine the association between leisure time physical exercise during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage. DESIGN Prospective study with elements of retrospective data collection. SETTING Denmark 1996-2002. POPULATION A total of 92,671 pregnant women enrolled in the Danish National Birth Cohort and interviewed subsequently. METHODS(More)
To disentangle an independent effect of educational status on mortality risk from direct and indirect selection mechanisms, the authors used a discordant twin pair design, which allowed them to isolate the effect of education by means of adjustment for genetic and environmental confounding per design. The study is based on data from the Danish Twin Registry(More)
To provide a basis for the evaluation of mammographic screening programmes in Denmark, a study was undertaken of the regional differences in breast cancer incidence and mortality. All 16 regions were followed for the 20 year period, 1970-89, before the start of the first population-based mammographic screening programme in the Copenhagen municipality in(More)
BACKGROUND A positive association between socio-economic position and breast cancer has been widely observed, but not hitherto within twin pairs, where shared familial factors were adjusted for. METHODS We used data on education and other factors from the Danish Twin Registry, The Danish Cancer Registry, and official registers on a total of 16 310 twins.(More)
It has come to our attention that there are some errors in the original manuscript [1]. 1. In the sentences " For vegans the intake of macro-and micronutrients (including supplements) did not reach the NNR for protein, vitamin D, iodine and selenium. " and " Vegans reached the recommended daily intake of energy and fats but did not reach the recommended(More)
BACKGROUND Since information about macro- and micronutrient intake among vegans is limited we aimed to determine and evaluate their dietary and supplementary intake. METHODS Seventy 18-61 years old Danish vegans completed a four-day weighed food record from which their daily intake of macro- and micronutrients was assessed and subsequently compared to an(More)
OBJECTIVES A rise in obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) has been observed and a preventive approach, originating in Finland, has been introduced in several European hospitals. The aim of this paper was to systematically evaluate the evidence behind the 'Finnish intervention'. DESIGN A systematic review of the literature conducted according to the(More)
When using the co-twin control design for analysis of event times, one needs a model to address the possible within-pair association. One such model is the shared frailty model in which the random frailty variable creates the desired within-pair association. Standard inference for this model requires independence between the random effect and the(More)
OBJECTIVES Although well established, the association between socioeconomic position and health and health behaviour is not clearly understood, and it has been speculated that familial factors, for example, dispositional factors or exposures in the rearing environment, may be underlying the association. The objective was to compare prescription fillings(More)
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