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Most of the intelligent tutoring system (ITS) is used to deliver knowledge and train skills based on the expert model. According to the theories of leaning, learning by teaching method is more efficient for enhancing motivation to learn and cognitive ability than learning by listening or learning by reading. For the purpose of developing an adap-tive(More)
PURPOSE We retrospectively analyzed the patients who received curative radiotherapy for unresectable stage III NSCLC to investigate the impact of chemotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS From 1998 to 2001, the records of 224 patients who completed curative radiotherapy for NSCLC were reviewed. There were 210 males and 14 females, and their median age was 64(More)
The traditional ITS have considered the learners as a knowledge receiver. The recent development of teachable agent make it possible to provide the learner with an active role as a knowledge constructor and to take initiatives to persist in learning. In order to make an adap-tive teachable agent that responds intelligently for individual learner, it should(More)
Recent development of teachable agent focuses on individual-ization and provides learners with active roles of knowledge constructors. The adaptive agent aims to maximize the learner's cognitive functions as well as to enhance the learner's interests in and motivation for learning. To establish the relationships between user characteristics and response(More)
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