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Y.Fukuda, T.Hayakawa, E.Ichihara, K.Inoue, K.Ishihara, H.Ishino, Y.Itow, T.Kajita, J.Kameda, S.Kasuga, K.Kobayashi, Y.Kobayashi, Y.Koshio, M.Miura, M.Nakahata, S.Nakayama, A.Okada, K.Okumura, N.Sakurai, M.Shiozawa, Y.Suzuki, Y.Takeuchi, Y.Totsuka, S.Yamada, M.Earl, A.Habig, E.Kearns, M.D.Messier, K.Scholberg, J.L.Stone, L.R.Sulak, C.W.Walter, M.Goldhaber,(More)
We evaluated the efficacy of the computer-assisted cervical pedicle screw insertion, compared with those inserted without the help of the system on the cervix of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients. Eighty-six cervical pedicle screws were inserted without the help of the system. Of the 86, 59 screws were in non-RA patients with degenerative spine, and 27(More)
Spermatozoa generated in the testis are immature and incompetent for fertilization. During their journey toward the egg, the sperm acquire fertility and achieving fertilization. These sperm modifications to ensure fertilization are induced by many female or male extra-sperm factors: for example, sperm motility-activating factors from the egg jelly, sperm(More)
In this paper, we present a framework of statistical-mechanics-based analysis of sparsely-spread CDMA systems. The sparsely-spread CDMA can be considered as a simple mathematical model for various types of CDMA such as frequency-hopping (FH) CDMA and time-hopping (TH) CDMA. After presenting a general framework of analysis by the replica method, we analyze(More)
To advance the discussion on the evolution mechanism of tree growth stresses, the relation between released strain and the chemical components was investigated experimentally. The expansive released strain in the longitudinal direction assumed large values as the lignin content increased in the compression wood, but there was no relation between released(More)
The advantages of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) are based on its low invasiveness due to the small surgical wounds. If LC could be performed using fine-caliber instruments, these advantages would be amplified. We developed 3-mm-caliber instruments and performed LC in 20 patients using one 5-mm and two 3-mm instrument ports. The results were(More)
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 (SCA6) was recently identified as a form of autosomal dominant spinocerebellar ataxia associated with a small CAG repeat expansion of the gene encoding an α 1 A-voltage-dependent calcium channel gene subunit on chromosome 19p13. In this study 50-μm-thick sections of cerebellar tissue from one patient with SCA6 were subjected to(More)
R. Wendell, C. Ishihara, K. Abe, Y. Hayato, T. Iida, M. Ikeda, K. Iyogi, J. Kameda, K. Kobayashi, Y. Koshio, Y. Kozuma, M. Miura, S. Moriyama, M. Nakahata, S. Nakayama, Y. Obayashi, H. Ogawa, H. Sekiya, M. Shiozawa, Y. Suzuki, A. Takeda, Y. Takenaga, Y. Takeuchi, K. Ueno, K. Ueshima, H. Watanabe, S. Yamada, T. Yokozawa, S. Hazama, H. Kaji, T. Kajita, K.(More)
S.-K. Choi, S. L. Olsen, K. Abe, T. Abe, I. Adachi, Byoung Sup Ahn, H. Aihara, K. Akai, M. Akatsu, M. Akemoto, Y. Asano, T. Aso, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, A. M. Bakich, Y. Ban, S. Banerjee, A. Bondar, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, J. Brodzicka, T. E. Browder, P. Chang, Y. Chao, K.-F. Chen, B. G. Cheon, R. Chistov, Y. Choi, Y. K. Choi, M. Danilov, L.Y. Dong, A.(More)
Experimental evidences suggest involvement of the hippocampus in temporal sequence learning. Taking physiological differences between the hippocampal CA3 and CA1 regions into account, we propose a mechanism of temporal sequence encoding. Input signals that mimicked the activity of the rat entorhinal cortex during animal's spatial behavior were applied to a(More)