Mi-Yeoung Jo

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Few studies have examined quality of life issues in patients with brain tumors, though coping with cancer is stressful and is associated with heightened levels of depression. We used regression to examine the clinical factors that might predict depression in a group of 57 adults with low-grade brain tumors after surgery but prior to radiotherapy and(More)
Few objective cognitive assessment tools have been validated for mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in African Americans despite higher prevalence of disease. This preliminary study evaluated discriminant validity of a computerized cognitive assessment battery for MCI in an urban African American cohort. Twenty-seven participants with MCI and 22 cognitively(More)
230 Background: Cognitive dysfunction after cancer treatment can be distressing and may profoundly impact quality of life, feasibility of returning to work, and social reintegration. Meaningful, evidence-based options for cancer-related cognitive changes are limited and urgently needed. A standardized rehabilitation program targeting common cognitive(More)
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