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Inhibition of SARS-CoV 3CL protease by flavonoids
Herbacetin, rhoifolin and pectolinarin were found to efficiently block the enzymatic activity of SARS-CoV 3CLpro and are suggested to be templates to design functionally improved inhibitors. Expand
Flavonoids inhibit histamine release and expression of proinflammatory cytokines in mast cells
The pharmacological actions of these flavonoids suggest their potential activity for treatment of allergic inflammatory diseases through the down-regulation of mast cell activation. Expand
Retracted: Transrepression by a liganded nuclear receptor via a bHLH activator through co‐regulator switching
The present study deciphers a novel mechanism of ligand‐induced transrepression by nuclear receptor via co‐regulator switching using a bHLH‐type factor as a direct sequence‐specific activator of 1αnVDRE. Expand
The multiple roles of phosphoinositide 3-kinase in mast cell biology.
This review discusses how PI3K influences the mast cell processes described above, and describes how different mast cell receptors use alternative isoforms ofPI3K for these functions and discusses potential downstream targets of these isoforms. Expand
Thermophilic biohydrogen production from glucose with trickling biofilter.
Thermophilic H2 production from glucose was studied using a continuous trickling biofilter reactor (TBR) packed with a fibrous support matrix and results indicate that the thermophilic TBR is superior to most suspended or immobilized reactor systems reported thus far. Expand
Evaluation of conversion efficiency of light to hydrogen energy by Anabaena variabilis
Abstract Cyanobacteria provide an efficient system for producing H 2 from water using solar energy. The energy conversion efficiency can be defined by the ratio of H 2 produced to the light energyExpand
DNA demethylation in hormone-induced transcriptional derepression
The present findings suggest that methylation switching at the DNA level contributes to the hormonal control of transcription of the cytochrome p450 27B1 gene. Expand
Retracted: Ligand‐induced transrepression by VDR through association of WSTF with acetylated histones
Findings indicate that WINAC associates with chromatin through a physical interaction between the WSTF bromodomain and acetylated his tones, which appears to be indispensable for VDR/promoter association for ligand‐induced transrepression of 1α(OH)ase gene expression. Expand
Fermentative hydrogen production by the newly isolated Enterobacter asburiae SNU-1
Abstract A new fermentative hydrogen-producing bacterium was isolated from a domestic landfill and identified as Enterobacter asburiae using 16S rRNA gene sequencing and DNA–DNA hybridizationExpand
Characteristics of flavonoids as potent MERS‐CoV 3C‐like protease inhibitors
The experimental and computational study showed that flavonol and chalcone are favourite scaffolds to bind with the catalytic site of MERS‐CoV 3CLpro and deduced that some flavonoid derivatives with hydrophobic or carbohydrate attached to their core structures have a good inhibitory effect. Expand