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BACKGROUND Ketamine can enhance anesthetic and analgesic actions of a local anesthetic via a peripheral mechanism. The authors' goal was to determine whether or not ketamine added to ropivacaine in interscalene brachial plexus blockade prolongs postoperative analgesia. In addition, we wanted to determine the incidence of adverse-effects in patients(More)
Toxicogenomics studies often profile gene expression from assays involving multiple doses and time points. The dose- and time-dependent pattern is of great importance to assess toxicity but computational approaches are lacking to effectively utilize this characteristic in toxicity assessment. Topic modeling is a text mining approach, but may be used(More)
Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) and nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) were prepared as delivery system for water-insoluble anticancer agent, paclitaxel (PTX). The dispersion of SLNs was consisted of 5 % w/w tristearin, 3.75 % w/w egg phosphatidylcholine (egg PC) and 1 % w/w polysorbate 80 in water. NLCs were prepared using the same composition as SLNs(More)
Preclinical and early clinical studies of the adenovirus-based vectors for gene therapy have shown considerable promise for the future. Use of adenoviral vectors in gene therapy is, however, limited by the lack of adenoviral receptors on targeted cell types, induction of neutralizing antibodies, short blood circulation half-life of adenovirus (Ad),(More)
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