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The inspiratory pressure load is an important variable in inspiratory muscle training (IMT), but previous studies with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients have not controlled for this variable. We compared the effects of two months of IMT with a pressure threshold breathing device at inspiratory pressure loads equal to either 15 or 30% of(More)
The effects of 6 months of muscle training with an inspiratory pressure load equal to 30% of the maximal inspiratory pressure (PImax) was compared with sham training with a light inspiratory pressure load. In this double-blind randomly assigned study, 67 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were followed for 6 months. Both groups demonstrated(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to examine the relationships between work-related psychosocial factors and lower-back work-related musculoskeletal disorders among long-haul international female flight attendants. BACKGROUND Recent attention has focused on the influence of work-related psychosocial factors on work-related musculoskeletal disorders.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to describe the perceptions of Southern, rural, African American women regarding personal and environmental factors that affect their hypertension. DESIGN A purposive sample of 25 African American women aged 40-74 years, who lived in rural Alabama, participated in seven Talking Circles for 60 minutes. RESULTS Most felt that(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study conducted to describe characteristics of overusers of the Medical Aid service, assess appropriateness of overusers' medical service use, and determine contributing factors to medical aid overuse in Korea. BACKGROUND Medical Aid use in Korea has increased in recent years, but no systematic studies reported the(More)
Global disparities in the quantity, distribution, and skills of health workers worldwide pose a threat to attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and deepens already existing global health inequities. Rwanda and other low-resource countries face a critical shortage of health professionals, particularly nurses and midwives. This article(More)
The 5E learning cycle model has shown a positive effect on student learning in science education, particularly in courses with theory and practice components. Combining problem-based learning (PBL) with the 5E learning cycle was suggested as a better option for students' learning of theory and practice. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare risk factors for prehypertension and hypertension in male industrial workers in Korea. SAMPLE Participants included 2,476 males aged 19-56 years who were employed in an airplane manufacturing industry. METHODS Health records of all subjects were analyzed during a biennial employee physical checkup that included a health survey(More)
This report describes a 4-year long bilingual interdisciplinary primary health care project that was designed to make culturally sensitive services available to underserved Korean immigrants in Chicago. It also describes some of the particular needs of this population and the strategies that the project staff adopted to identify and address the population's(More)
Reliability of the maximal inspiratory pressure (Pimax) was examined by measuring Pimax once a week for 4 weeks in 91 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using an aneroid pressure gauge. Five Pimax trials were conducted at each test. From the first to the fourth test, the Pimax increased by a mean of 9 cm H2O (SD = 10). From the third to the(More)