Mi Hyang Jeong

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Given their crucial role in apoptosis suppression, inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) have recently become attractive targets for cancer therapy. Here, we report that cellular IAP2 (cIAP2) is specifically stabilized in several cancer cell lines, leading to resistance to Smac mimetics, such as BV6 and birinapant. In particular, our results showed that(More)
One-step hydrothermal process is introduced for the synthesis of highly ordered self-assembled Ag nanoparticles. Ag nanoparticles with same diameter and narrow size distribution are synthesized in the presence of the mixture of two capping molecules, the combination of sodium oleate and aromatic carboxylic acid. Self-assembled 3D superlattice structures of(More)
FLICE-like inhibitory protein (FLIP) is a critical regulator of death receptor-mediated apoptosis. Here, we found ubiquitin-specific peptidase 8 (USP8) to be a novel deubiquitylase of the long isoform of FLIP (FLIPL). USP8 directly deubiquitylates and stabilizes FLIPL, but not the short isoform. USP8 depletion induces FLIPL destabilization, promoting(More)
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